How to Lower Keyboard Latency in GarageBand

How to Lower Keyboard Latency in Garageband: Tips and Tricks


If you are a music enthusiast who loves creating beats and melodies, then you must be familiar with Garageband. It is a popular music production software that allows you to unleash your creativity and produce high-quality music. However, one common issue that many users face while using Garageband is keyboard latency. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to lower keyboard latency in Garageband, ensuring a smooth and seamless music production experience.

Understanding Keyboard Latency

Before we dive into the solutions, let’s first understand what keyboard latency is. Keyboard latency refers to the delay between pressing a key on your MIDI keyboard and hearing the sound produced by Garageband. This delay can be frustrating, especially when you are trying to play in real-time or record your music.

1. Use a Wired Connection

One of the main reasons for keyboard latency is a poor connection between your MIDI keyboard and your computer. To minimize latency, it is recommended to use a wired connection instead of a wireless one. A wired connection ensures a stable and fast data transfer, reducing the delay between pressing a key and hearing the sound.

2. Adjust Buffer Size

Garageband allows you to adjust the buffer size, which can significantly impact keyboard latency. A smaller buffer size reduces latency but requires more processing power from your computer. On the other hand, a larger buffer size increases latency but puts less strain on your computer’s resources. Finding the right balance is crucial.

To adjust the buffer size in Garageband, go to Preferences > Audio/MIDI and look for the Buffer Size option. Experiment with different buffer sizes to find the one that works best for your setup.

3. Optimize Your Computer’s Performance

Another factor that can contribute to keyboard latency is your computer’s performance. If your computer is running multiple resource-intensive applications in the background, it may struggle to process the MIDI data in real-time, resulting in latency.

To optimize your computer’s performance, close any unnecessary applications and processes running in the background. You can also try increasing the priority of Garageband in your computer’s task manager to allocate more resources to the software.

4. Update Your Drivers

Outdated or incompatible drivers can also cause keyboard latency in Garageband. It is essential to keep your computer’s drivers up to date, especially the ones related to your MIDI keyboard or audio interface.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for your MIDI keyboard or audio interface and check for any available driver updates. Download and install the latest drivers to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

5. Use a Lower Latency Sound Library

Garageband offers a wide range of sound libraries and virtual instruments. However, some of these libraries may have higher latency than others. If you are experiencing significant keyboard latency, try using a lower latency sound library or virtual instrument.

Experiment with different sound libraries and virtual instruments in Garageband to find the ones that have minimal latency. This can greatly improve your music production experience and reduce the delay between pressing a key and hearing the sound.


Keyboard latency can be a frustrating issue when using Garageband for music production. However, by following the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can significantly lower keyboard latency and enjoy a seamless music creation experience. Remember to use a wired connection, adjust the buffer size, optimize your computer’s performance, update your drivers, and use lower latency sound libraries. With these steps, you can make the most out of Garageband and create amazing music on your PC.

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