How to Get Authentic Sounding Swing on GarageBand

How to Get Authentic Sounding Swing on Garageband

Garageband is a popular music production software that allows users to create their own music on their PC. One of the key features of Garageband is its ability to create authentic sounding swing beats. In this article, we will explore how you can achieve that swing feel in your Garageband tracks.

Understanding Swing

Before we dive into the techniques, let’s first understand what swing is. Swing is a rhythmic feel that originated in jazz music. It adds a unique groove to the music by emphasizing the off-beats. Swing is characterized by a triplet-like rhythm, where the first and third beats are longer than the second beat.

Adjusting the Quantization

Quantization is a feature in Garageband that aligns the notes to a grid, making them sound more precise. However, this can sometimes result in a robotic and rigid feel, which is not ideal for achieving an authentic swing sound. To get that swing feel, you need to adjust the quantization settings.

Start by selecting the track you want to add swing to. Go to the Track Editor and click on the Quantize button. In the quantize settings, choose a swing percentage between 50% and 75%. This will add a slight delay to the off-beats, creating a more natural and swinging rhythm.

Using Swing Templates

If you’re not confident in manually adjusting the quantization settings, Garageband provides pre-made swing templates that you can use. These templates are designed to automatically add swing to your tracks, saving you time and effort.

To use a swing template, go to the Library tab and click on Drummer. Choose a drummer that has a swing style, such as Jazz or Big Band. Garageband will automatically apply the swing feel to your track, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your music production.

Adding Swing to MIDI Instruments

If you’re using MIDI instruments in Garageband, you can also add swing to them. Start by selecting the MIDI region you want to add swing to. Go to the Track Editor and click on the Groove Track button. This will open the groove track editor.

In the groove track editor, you can adjust the swing feel by dragging the swing slider. Experiment with different swing percentages until you find the desired swing sound. You can also adjust the velocity and timing of the MIDI notes to further enhance the swing feel.

Using Swing Plugins

In addition to the built-in swing features in Garageband, you can also use third-party plugins to add swing to your tracks. There are many swing plugins available that offer more advanced swing options and customization.

To use a swing plugin, first, make sure it is compatible with Garageband. Install the plugin and open it in Garageband. Follow the plugin’s instructions to add swing to your tracks. These plugins often provide more control over the swing parameters, allowing you to fine-tune the swing feel to your liking.


Adding swing to your Garageband tracks can greatly enhance the groove and feel of your music. Whether you choose to manually adjust the quantization settings, use swing templates, or utilize third-party plugins, experimenting with swing can take your music production to the next level. So go ahead, get creative, and start adding that authentic swing sound to your Garageband tracks!

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